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February 11, 2023

St. Joseph's Indian Primary School is a premiere institution that is known for its wholistic developmental approach towards the students. The institution has moulded hundreds of great personalities. But with the pandemic the interest for extra-curricular and sports and games have taken a back seat. In this regard, to induce new vigour and enthusiasm, the school has organized JPL, cricket league. The auctioning of the players took place on 11 February, 2023. There were 90 players in the auctioning pool. The league has six teams namely, Royal Strickers, Super Sixers, Ball Smashers, Pitch Burners, Power Hitters and Royal Rockers. The auctioning was conducted by Mr. Nagaraju and Ms. Vinibha, the PE Teachers. The auction was a great success. The league is scheduled on 19 February, 2023, at the school grounds.