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Maths Talent Exam

March 03, 2022

"Talent is the super power that will give your wings to fly"
International level math talent examination was held in our school on the 5th of January 2022, which was organised by Putani Vijnana-Chitradurga, in memory of Charles Babbage who is called as the father of Computer.
As part of this competitive talent exam, 230 students from our school had participated from LKG to 7th Std, and among these, 20 students have won the prizes and brought laurels to the school.
Among these 20, 4 have secured ranks at the national level, 6 at the state level, and 10 at the district level. These winners were announced and were awarded on the 3rd of march, 2022. On the total participation and achievement, our school was awarded as, "The Best School at the National Level". "Mrs. Rekha Rajpurohit", who is a Maths Teacher and Mentor for all these children was conferred upon as, "The Best Maths Organiser at the National Level and Maths Excellence Teacher-Medal". At this Moment, the SJIPS community, congratulates the Teacher in Charge, the students, and their parents for their enthusiasm and commitment in upbringing the institution. These are the following students, who have won their ranks. National Level Rank Students ( L-R:- John Christ -VII Std -5th Rank, Karen Nagur - III Std -3rd Rank, Samuel George -VI Std - 4th Rank, Vivek Kumar - V Std - 3rd Rank )