Dear PTA Members

A few words at the end of this successful school year 2021 – 2022 and especially during the pandemic. Thank you, all parents and teachers, for your continued support of PTA activities and events.

The PTA had a busy year filled with many events to raise the standards by involving parents in their child’s education

The teachers of SJIPS have worked tirelessly to deliver classes regardless of Online or Offline during

this pandemic and they have constantly focused to advance all-round development of the students by strengthening relationships between teachers, parents and others associated with the school.

Every parent wants their child to succeed and so did the teachers of SJIPS worked equally to achieve the goals, by making the school the best it can be. Hence integrating parents into the equation provided a fresh insight on improvements that are needed and processes they feel are outdated or need to be put in place

The vibrant parent spirit at SJIPS just keeps getting stronger, demonstrated by participation, incredible support for every event and the relative ease with which we gather volunteers when needed. As the Vice-President of PTA in this school year, I am very sure this will continue next year, and we urge all parents to get involved in our lively school community.

Finally, a big thank you to the outgoing steering committee. Their dedication and commitment made it all possible. I would particularly like to thank the President and Headmistress, Sr Jane Benitta and The Director, Fr Felix Anand SJ for their vision, drive and passion for improving every aspect of life at SJIPS.

As an alumnus of SJIHS Batch 2000, I was very thrilled to perform in the capacity of Vice President PTA, I am sincerely thankful to the school’s management for giving a supportive platform to make a difference in the academics and holistic education.

Once again, thank you all for working so diligently and helping lead this team to success!

With Love & Regards,
John Jacob
Vice-President, PTA SJIPS

I Mrs. Roseline take this opportunity to thank the Director Rev. Fr. Felix Anand, Headmistress Sr. Benitta for choosing me as one of the PTA members

In this precious movement I would like to take privilege to say few words about the Institution, teaching and non-teaching staff.

1. As an institution St. Joseph’s Indian Primary School is one of the best in all the fields.

2. Under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Felix Anand, Headmistress Sr. Benitta, the institution has reached

the next level, as I have witnessed the improvements made in the campus as well as in the field of learning, sports and extra-curricular activities.

3. The school has shown great interest in the field of sports.

4. The school has facilitated the children with good Library, Computer Lab, Music room etc.

5. The school has provided a Children with hygiene canteen, a huge play ground to play as well as the bring out their sports skills.

6. The school has the best security staff to ensure that our children are safe.

7. The Teaching staff brings out all their teaching skills to make a child disciplined and show their interest towards studies, sports and extra-curricular activities.

8. The non-teaching staff take care of the children with utmost care.

9. I have noticed a great level of confidence in the students each and every day, in both respects of personality improvement, discipline as well as academic skills.

All I can say is, that the school has the best hands to gloom our buds. I am very much satisfied with the innovative approaches by St. Joseph’s Indian Primary School to impart true knowledge in the kids.

SJIPS has been completely an extraordinary experience for me

The students undergo a superior learning education endeavouring to shine out their true potentiality.

Students discover their talents which they would have not even known to exist; this such a great achievement for the school, hats off to SJIPS.

Being a part of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) for three years for now has been out of the world feeling wherein we were involved in the activities, events and important programs in the school making us feel entirely as a part of the St. Joseph’s family.

We have built extraordinary relationship with the faculty and other PTA members which will be cherished for life.

Dr. Fatin (PTA MEMBER)

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.”

I Ms. Supritha the PTA committee for the year 2021-22. The schools are the doors of education that leads to the success.
They help training, guiding and preparing the young bright mind for future.
The best school always creates the best students.
St Joseph’s Indian Primary school is also one of the greatest and reputable school which follows the discipline strictly.

Students are encouraged to take part in all those events.The school values sincerity, honesty, dedication and good manners.It focuses the overall development of students.The administration of the school is very good. All the rooms of the school are very wide and beautiful and it has huge playground where student can play various outdoor games.

All the students are treated very kindly. I feel this school as a second home for my son, teachers are very kind and caring towards everyone.
The atmosphere of the school is delightful. The school provides best environment for physical, education, and mental development of a student. I am greatly proud of this school.

Ms. Supritha John Paul