I Ms. Mary Usha, the Asst. Teacher of St. Joseph’s Indian Primary School and In-charge teacher of PTA Committee for the year (2020-2022) would like to share about PTA

PTA executive committee provides a channel for both parents and teachers who work together for the welfare of the students and exchange opinions concerning school policies promoting for the betterment of the school

Its main aim to create in its members keen interest for the smooth working, the progress of the school and for maintaining good discipline and high academic standards. Bringing parents into the equation provides a fresh insight on improvements that are needed and processes they feel are outdated or need to be put in place through the PTA meetings with faculty to organize and facilitate events both during and after school to build a strong community.

Our parent community plays a huge role in helping to create our reality.

St. Joseph’s Indian Primary School builds a sense of family and create effective ways of developing each child’s potentials.

Ms Mary Usha