Our Emblem

A hearty welcome to St. Joseph's Indian Primary School!!!
Here at this sacred space of transformative learning your dreams and our dreams for your child meet. Once a child joins here, he/she now become part of a great legacy and rich history of heroic deeds of lakhs and lakhs of students who changed the world for the better.

Our Education has always been a trend setter all over the world. It is recognized, appreciated and emulated for the unique way in which it helps transform a student and prepares him or her for work that promotes the common good, while allowing that student to discern his or her vocation in life.The crest is made up of two scrolls, one placed above the crown, on which is inscribed the moto of the institution in Latin - 'Fide et Labore' and the other is placed beneath the palm leaves, which bears the name of the institution.

The shield bears the cross in the center, which is symbolic of 'christian faith', and there are two bees on either side of the lower part of the cross representing hard work.This personal transformation in turn leads to societal transformation thereby achieving the larger aim of creating a better world for all. Our teachers are not mere instructors. They are facilitators and friends, counselors and confidants, mentors and motivators.

The crown which is placed above the shield is a heraldic symbol of supremacy and glory. The compartment beneath the shield consists of palm leaves, which represent victory.

Our philosophy of teaching aims at personality development, wholesome growth, and nurturing the children to bloom into men and women for others

Welcome to St. Josephs's..see the magic yourself!