Important Instructions For Parents


1.) Parents and Guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing discipline and regularity at home. In order that lessons may be duly prepared, they are requested to insist on their children or wards devoting 3 or 4 hours everyday for study at home. If parents do not insist on regular attendance and home study, the results in the examination are bound to be disappointing.

2.) Parents and Guardians are expected to scrutinize the progress reports issued periodically to their children and to take necessary measures to remedy the defects in their progress.

3.) All Parents and Guardians are made members of the Parent Teacher Association of the school, by paying the membership fee at the beginning of the year. This Association aims at fostering closer relationship, mutual understanding and co-operation between the home and the school.
It is compulsory on the part of the parents to attend the P.T.A. meetings when called upon to do so.

4.)Parents and Guardians (or other persons) are not allowed to visit the pupils or their teachers during school hours without the Headmistress permission.

5.) Students will not be called to make or answer a phone call during class hours.

6.) Mobile Phone: Possession and use of mobile phones by students are strictly prohibited Inside the school campus, as per Government directives. Confiscated mobiles will not be returned, and approaching the Headmistress any other school officials in this regard will not be entertained.
Students are expected to be punctual and disciplined.
With the co-operation of parents and guardians, the school will take authorities help, to shape the child into an honest, hardworking, service-minded and God-fearing citizen of India.

7. The following behavior patterns will be considered as misconducts: Rudeness to fellow students, Dis-obedience to School leaders, Rudeness to any Staff Member, Lack of refinement in public places, The use of indecent or abusive language, Non-adherence to any school regulation, Physically hurting or wounding another student, Forging signature, Missing a class without permission, Colouring Hair, Writing in school library books, School Property or destroying school property, Leaving the School premisses without permission, Eating or drinking in class or during assembly, Chewing Bubble gum Littering in the class of school premisses, Wearing fancy watches, Applying Nail polish, Lip Gloss, Lip balm with glitter or colour, The school will not be responsible for any unavoidable mishap during Picnics, Tours or Camps.


Although parents are responsible for the behavior of their children outside school hours, the school will take necessary action when such behaviour is reported to be immoral or violent